Abareness Mukti - Str L, 56mm

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Set of 3 rings, one with moonstone, one with structure and one with a drop shape.


Kathmandu, Nepal



Brass is an yellow alloy (mix) of copper and zinc. It has been manufactured for thousand of years in many parts of the world. It is often used for decorations due to it’s bright gold-like appearance.


Moonstone is a pearly white semi-prescious stone. It is the crystal formation within the stone that gives it the moon-like glow. It is known as a “goddess stone” since many ancient cultures associated the female presence of God with the moon. The ancient Romans believed the stone was actually formed from moonlight and that the wearers of moonstone would receive wisdom, wealth and success in battle. Hindus also thought Moonstones to be bits of moonbeams, and the stone is still considered sacred in India today.

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2 - Medium

3 - Large

120%lino, har italienske str.

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Str.46 er norsk str.42

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Abareness Tilbehør Abareness  Mukti - Str L, 56mm 050845430100
Abareness Tilbehør Abareness  Mukti - Str L, 56mm 050845430100